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Thank you Pastors, Staff and Spouses!

It's been a tough season for those in ministry. For those of us in vocational ministry, we expect it to be tough, but this past year or so has been really tough.

Carla and I had a great opportunity to show our appreciation to and to encourage a few pastors, staff and their spouses this past weekend by leading a One Day, Grace Marriage Experience. It was a great time of focusing on intentionally choosing to focus on injecting grace into our marriages. From thinking on and sharing what we valued in our spouse to sharing areas where we could grow as a couple it was a tremendous time!

We are grateful to the Northern Kentucky Baptist Association, Grace Marriage, First Baptist Church, Walton and the couples that intentionally set aside a day to invest in their marriage!

Would you be interested in hosting a One Day Grace Marriage experience for your association, church or staff? Let us know and we'll be glad to help!

Here are some pictures from this past weekend:

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