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We are passionate about supporting leaders as they seek to lead well those in their organization. For many of us, we are learning what it means to lead in a new season. Many church leaders are realizing that their volunteer and ministry programs need some resetting. They need to implement changes and motivate people to re-engage in active ministry. Yet, as a leader, it is likely that you are a bit worn out! It's been a very tough year. Leadership is tough, in general. Leadership amidst Covid-19, social and political tensions is really tough. 

We would like to come along side you, encourage you, dream with you and provide a jolt of energy and enthusiasm to help you organize and motivate your people. Below are a few ways we have helped churches in the past. We'd love to connect with you in one of these areas. We could also customize one or a few of these to meet your specific needs. 

Church Pews
Image by Nik Shuliahin

"Amid the social distancing required during the COVID-19 pandemic, Martin, pastor of Alameda Baptist Church in Norman, Okla., is shepherding a congregation of mostly senior adults. He's also helping to homeschool his young daughters while his wife, a behavior analyst working with autistic children, continues to work outside the home.

"I'm busier than I've ever been in ministry, but also in being a dad," Martin said." -KentuckyToday

"As members have lost income, churches are struggling as a result. Half of pastors (52%) say giving has decreased compared to earlier this year. One in 5 (18%) say giving has continued at similar levels, while 2% say it has increased. Around a quarter of pastors (28%) aren’t sure." -Lifeway Research

What we Do:

Who am I? Exploring our divine design

A one-day (3-4hr) workshop for staff or teams that utilizes the DISC Personality Inventory to explore who we are as individuals and how we can fit together as on team. Even if you have done DISC before, this can be a refreshing boost to your team!

Image by Markus Winkler

Coaching Leader

A one-day workshop for staff or teams that develops a deeper understanding of a coaching leader's goals, attitudes, relationships and roles for investing in others. This workshop will equip your people to engage one another in effective discipleship, leadership development and energize them to multiply ministry!

Image by Alexis Brown

Building Powerful Ministry Teams

It is going to take us working together as one team to see Jesus' mission of making disciples of all nations come to fruition.  This one to two-day workshop for staff or teams develops a an understanding of the principles and practices of high performance teamwork. We will have lots of discussion about your team and how the perform as we explore the characteristics of highly effective ministry teams and develop an actionable plan for increasing team effectiveness. It will be a great time together and will energize your teams!

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